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Rebecca Klempner is available for proofreading, editing, and writing coach services. Her experience includes personal essays, children's fiction and non-fiction, PhD dissertations (in the natural and social sciences), and writing on Jewish themes. She does NOT write academic papers for clients, and she only works with manuscripts that are free of profanity, excessive violence, and immodest content.

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Rebecca's fee schedule is based on a per-page rate. All charges assume that the manuscript is in Microsoft Word, double-spaced, and in size 12 Times New Roman font (titles may use an alternate font). If you are unable to format your work in this manner, she will do it for you for an additional $10 fee.

Minimum charge (for a picture book, for example): $25 for proofreading and $50 for editing. 

All work completed will be invoiced and payable by check within 30 days of completion. Part of the expected payment will be requested up front for first-time clients.

For proofreading:

  • $2.00 a page for formatting/style, fixing spelling and mechanics, spacing, and the like. 
  • A specific style guide will be used, if requested.
  • Rebecca can either make corrections within the document, or return it with tracking, whichever you prefer.

For deeper editing:

  • Submit the first chapter (or 10 pages) after initial contact. Rebecca will sample edit that piece and return it in a timely fashion. She will address audience, logic, organization, structure, and pacing, in addition to everything included in proofreading. 
  • If the situation is mutually agreeable, expect to pay $3.50 to $5.00 a page, depending how challenging and time consuming she thinks the material will be. 
  • After receiving your edited manuscript, you are entitled to one light edit of the rewrite. There will be an additional charge for each subsequent rewrite.

For coaching:

  • Only available to residents of the greater Los Angeles area, as it will be done in person.
  • Contact Rebecca with the guidelines for the project (this is particularly important regarding academic papers). 
  • Coaching will address pre-writing (including graphic organizers, note-taking, and outlines), setting a work schedule to ensure deadlines are met, and includes proofreading and editing of both rough and final drafts. 
  • The scope of services needed will be discussed in advance and a mutually-acceptable price will be negotiated in writing before the project is commenced. 

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